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Email Marketing Tips

email marketing secrets

email marketing tips

Email Marketing for a Successful Online Business

Email marketing is very powerful. You can have a very successful online business if you use email marketing. In fact, you can have more returning customers than with most of the other marketing methods.

If you get people to subscribe for your newsletter, you have the opportunity to sell more than one product to the same person. That is why they say: The money is in the list. The more subscribers you have on your list, the more money you can make from sending out just ONE email.

Your opt-in box must be on a squeeze page or on a landing page. Put this opt-in box on the side or below the content (or better on both places) where visitors can easily see it. Tell them about the benefits when they subscribe, give them some useful information for free, like a pdf report or a short course, so they have a reason to subscribe and will give their email address in return.

Using a Popup

If you want to use a pop-up, use it when people want to close the page and had a chance to read your webpage. A pop-up at the beginning is not very effective. Visitors want to know a bit more (read your content) before they sign up for anything. Don’t have a pop-up showing up more than once, as this is really annoying.

Use double opt-in where the subscriber will receive a second email to confirm his/her subscription. This way you cannot be convinced of spamming as you have proof they subscribed for your newsletter. Sometimes people forget they subscribed as they receive a lot of emails and might report you for spamming.

The first email must go out immediately after subscribing; a thank you message to tell them they did the right thing to subscribe and they will receive useful information. Tell them also that their email address is safe, and will not be sold or given away.

Make Your Subscribers Trust You

To build trust with your subscribers, make sure you send them valuable information. Don’t try to sell in every email or you will annoy your subscribers. Send these emails on a regular basis to stay in touch, and put in specials, like a discount or a promotion, more useful info, product launches, and articles. If you give a related report for free once in a while, they will stay subscribed looking for more.

Another way to build trust is to put your contact information at the end every email you send out. If subscribers know how to contact you, they will trust you more, are more likely to buy from you, and they can contact you if they have a question.

Put another link in the email to your web address. This way you can get more traffic to your website. Don’t forget to put an unsubscribe link at the end of your emails to comply with the anti spam rules.

Most people need to see an email about 7 times before they take action. Make sure you have enough emails ready to send it to your potential customers. Make your emails personal by calling your subscribers by their first name. Mention their name also in the email once, as this will be appreciated.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing can be automated, you just need to have your emails written and stored in your autoresponder. Every subscriber start with message #1 and will receive the next message soon after in the order you’ve put them in the autoresponder. Don’t fill up the subscriber’s mailbox with sales letters, or they will unsubscribe faster then they subscribed.

Don’t use words like ”free” or ”million” in your email or it will end up in their spam filter. That’s why you have to tell them to put your email address to their whitelist. Use only 60-65 characters per line to keep your email readable.

Use a Call to Action

You have to tell people what to do; if there is a link to click on, tell them to click that link! From time to time you can send an email where you try to sell a product. To interest them and have them buy the product, tell them about the benefits and why they need that product. This way you can make several sales from one subscriber.

If somebody have bought a product from your website, they probably want to stay in touch and you should send them emails for updates of the product and related information. This is a good way to build a relation with a customer who might buy from you again.

Get Your Subscribers Excited

When you have a product launch, you can tell your subscribers about it and get them interested before it happens. From building this excitement, they are more willing to buy and they might visit your website more often, where they could find another product to buy.

Don’t promote more than one product in an email, if you want to get a high response rate. Get them to act fast by using statements like ”This offer is only valid for the next three days” or ”Only for the first 100 buyers”. When it is a time limited offer, they are willing to act faster.

When you want to make good money as an affiliate, email marketing is a must have. With an auto responder it is a set it and forget it system, ready to make you money. Click below to become a free member and know more about email marketing.

email marketing tips

email marketing strategy

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