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Create a Mobile Responsive Website

create a mobile responsive website

make your website mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive Websites

These days it looks like the whole world has gone onto mobile. Every where you look you can see people being busy on their mobile phone, tablet, or mini laptop. If you want to be successful with marketing, you need to have a mobile responsive website. Mobile becomes the future of digital marketing and must be taken into your marketing campaign.

You don’t need a web site for desktop and another one for mobile. Use a responsive design template and your website will be adjusted to view properly on all devices. With mobile marketing, you need to use proper keywords including the area as mobile users mostly searching in their area.

Use Social Media Buttons

Research have showed that 81% of smartphone users are using social media to check reviews before making a final purchase. Make sure you have social media sharing buttons on your website, and invite your visitors to share your content with others.

According to Google, mobile users want to get relevant information and Google want to give the best results possible through the search engine and that also counts for mobile devices. For the users it doesn’t matter if the information comes from mobile friendly websites or apps.

Consumers will check their mobile device more than 100 times a day and sometimes even 150 times a day. They treat it as more personal than their regular computer with email and internet. They want to have one device for everything, like a smart phone, with their own personal settings.

Optimize Your Website

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you miss out on a lot of visitors. Years ago it was not a problem, but these days more and more people are going on the internet using their mobile device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet. And as more and more people have access to the internet, more people are buying through the internet. In fact, the purchases on Black Friday were twice as high through mobile devices.

The big search engines, especially Google, will give websites that are not optimized for mobile devices a lower ranking. Because of this, your site must be a mobile responsive website if you want to keep up with the trends. One of these trends are the QR codes. Qr codes have started in the 1990s, but had an increase of 22% last year among consumers. The customer can scan this code with a smartphone and will end up on a website with more info about that product or even on the order page. Pages with a QR code must be optimized for mobile devices.

Compatibility on Every Device

Consumers use different kind of mobile devices. Your website must be optimized to be compatible with all these different mobile devices. If a new device gets onto the market, you have to update your website as soon as possible. This can be done with a mobile responsive website.

Mobile responsive, also known as mobile friendly, means that your website will be displayed correctly on the device where people want to view it on. A mobile responsive website is easier to access for mobile device users, and this can lead to more sales. If you use WordPress to build a website, you can use responsive templates, so don’t have to worry about your website not displaying correctly.

Mobile responsive websites are increasingly becoming the solution for a business who want to optimize their websites for mobile marketing. Already over 17% of web traffic comes from mobile devices and that number is still going up.

Prepare For Shoppers

Users want to be able to shop with just a click of a button, using their smartphone or tablet. If you have a website that is not showing properly, or is too slow on a mobile device, you can expect to lose potential customers. Mobile users want their pages to load fast or even faster than using a desktop computer.

The number of smartphone users is still growing and several people like to receive messages from chosen retailers. Most often they also like to receive emails from retailers to see the specials, like what’s on discount. From all emails being send to mobile devices, only 30% will be read as the other 70% will be deleted if it is not optimized to be read on mobile devices.

The easiest way to make a mobile responsive website, is to use WordPress with a mobile responsive template. By doing so you don’t need any technological knowledge or coding to have your website optimized for mobile devices.

make your site a mobile responsive website

mobile responsive websites

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