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Learn To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing training is necessary to get started in online marketing. In fact, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started in marketing. As an affiliate, or reseller, you promote other people’s product. You can do this with article marketing, email marketing, video marketing, with your own website, a blog, and more.

When a sale is made, the buyer is taken to the payment page through a special link. This link contains your affiliate ID, so that you get credit for taken the buyer to the sellers page. This way the seller, or vendor, does not have to do any advertising himself. It will cost him a percentage of the money, but he doesn’t have to worry about getting his product sold.

The reseller (you) doesn’t have to worry about the product or updates, don’t have to keep inventory, and doesn’t have to deal with customers directly. This can be very useful when there is a problem, for instance a money back issue. The only thing you have to do, is to get the product in front of potential buyers. This is where you have to do all the work to make the sale.

Promote Tangible Products with Amazon

If you want to sell tangible products, you should try the Amazon Associates Program. Amazon is not only one of the most well known online shops, they are also the biggest online retailer in the world with the biggest assortment. There are enough products you can promote as an affiliate with Amazon.

You have to realize that you only get a small percentage like 2-5% as an reseller with Amazon. To make enough money, you have 2 options: promote and sell lower priced products in high volumes, or sell higher priced products. To find out what sells good, you should check the best selling products and make your choice what you want to promote.

The good part of Amazon is that people always can find something they can use or want to have. All kinds of products are being sold on Amazon and you can get a nice share of that money. There are even resellers who only use Amazon for their income. Some top resellers even make more then 10.000 dollar each month.

Promote Downloadable Products

Another thing you can do as an affiliate, is selling downloadable products. As the products can be downloaded, there will not be anything to ship or send by mail. The buyer will also have immediate access to the product. The percentage you can get here is much higher then with tangible products, and can easily be 50%-75%.

There are many companies with an affiliate program where you can promote downloadable products. One of the biggest is with over 10.000 products to choose from. Just make sure the product is of good quality as Clickbank also sells lower quality products.

Other affiliate companies are,,,,, and You can find a lot more companies if you do a search in Google for affiliate programs or reseller programs. Just be sure to read the rules before signing up as some have rules that might be very hard to comply with.

Choose Quality Products to Promote

It is important to choose a quality product to promote, otherwise you won’t make many sales, or you can expect to get a lot of refunds. You have to do a bit of research to find out if a product is good or not. Sometimes there are testimonials on the website, but these can be faked. Use the search engine to find out more about a certain product before you start promoting it.

With proper affiliate marketing training anyone can make incredible profits without much work, and even in as short as 2 weeks. There is no need to create your own product, build a website, or write a single ad copy. You can start from scratch and make money online, without spending any money.

You can even start part time to generate some extra income, and become a full time affiliate marketer working from home later on when you make more money. Affiliate marketing is ideal for beginner marketers to learn the basics of marketing. It will let you use other people’s time, effort and resources for your own profit.

What You Need to Know Before Signing Up

Affiliate marketing is powerful, and there is a lot of money to be made with it, but there are a few important factors you need to consider, before signing up with any affiliate program.

An affiliate program must be absolutely free of charge. If you have to pay to become a member, move on to the next one. Look for a program you are interested in. It will make it a lot easier to write content about it and it won’t feel like work.

Look at the amount of commission you will get paid. Don’t settle for anything less than 50%. You can even get 75% and sometimes more. Many affiliate programs have a minimum earned commission amount that you as an affiliate must meet or exceed before you’ll get paid. Most companies will pay every 2 weeks.

Affiliate Mistakes to Prevent

A big mistake many affiliates make, is promoting a product that does not deliver on its promises. Another big mistake is trying to promote several products at once, instead of promoting just one product. First make sure a product is selling well, before you start to promote another product.

It is a good advise to test the product first before recommending it to others. Not only can you increase your credibility and sales, it also helps to promote the product better because you can provide personal testimonials about the product.

A good way to find out if the product is easy to sell, is to ask yourself if you would buy the product. You have to put yourself in the position of a buyer and ask yourself if the products is good enough to buy it. You can also check for keywords to see if there is a market for the product.

Increase Sales With Tools, Reviews, and Testimonials

Many affiliate programs will provide the tools to sell the product. The more tools provided, the bigger the chance of you making a sale. If there are articles provided, you have to change it well to prevent duplicate content issues.

For every affiliate product you want to promote, you must use a unique web page. Always include a product review so visitors will have a better understanding of what good the product will do if they buy it. If you have a comment form at the end of your webpage, people can leave a comment and this can help to generate more sales.

Use testimonials from people who bought and tried the product. This will increase your chances of selling the product. A test have proven that a testimonial can increase your sales with 250%. Be sure to use real testimonials or you will blow your credibility and loose potential customers. You should also ASK for a testimonial; more testimonials can definitely lead to more sales!

Become a High Earning Power Affiliate

If you want to become a power affiliate and collect huge checks from affiliate programs on a regular basis, you must have good affiliate marketing training and develop your marketing skills required for your affiliate success. You have to put in a lot of work to make affiliate marketing profitable before you can quit your day job and work from home full time.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can get affiliate marketing training to learn more about affiliate marketing and niche marketing to become a successful affiliate marketer. They will teach you step by step how to make affiliate marketing profitable. Click below to find out more.

Affiliate marketing training

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

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