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Month: April 2015

Tips You Need To Know To Get Traffic To Your Website

Learn to create a traffic attracting website

traffic producing website

Get Traffic To Your Website

To succeed on the internet, you need to know how to get traffic to your website. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make. This traffic must be targeted traffic, people who are looking for products you are selling. These can be your own products or affiliate products, but without traffic you won’t make any money. If you know how to efficiently get targeted traffic to your website, you can expect an outstanding success.

Get A Domain Name

The first step to get traffic to your website is, to have your own domain name. A domain name will cost you only about $10. Another reason for having your own domain is, it can be worth a good amount of money if you keep building your website and want to sell it later. Always try to get a .com as this is the most used domain extension. It might not be easy to find a good domain name, as all the best names are already taken.

This website ( is registered with because they have good customer service and don’t try to sell you all kinds of unwanted extra’s. Be careful with very cheap domains, as most of the time you have to register for several years, or pay a lot more for your second year. You can find a lot more info about choosing a domain name on this page.

Create Niche Related Pages

The second step is to create pages related to your chosen niche. You have to start with just 3 pages, so called categories. You have to build pages around these categories and add them to the menu. This way your website will be growing over time, get ranked in the search engine, attract more visitors, and this will bring more traffic to your website.

Setup An Email Address

The third step is to setup an email address connected to your domain name. Don’t use an email address like, instead use an email address like as it looks much more professional. You can also use a mail forward; it looks exactly the same, only mail will be send on to your personal email address.

You have to put this email address on pages like your privacy policy, about me page, contact page and other pages where people want to contact you. By doing this you also build trust with your visitors, and they are potential customers. If you don’t have a page where people can contact you, it’s like you have something to hide and visitors are less likely to buy from you.

The best way to get traffic to your website is having quality content on it. Don’t worry if you are not perfect in English, as there are many websites with writing mistakes on it, and they can get ranked and are able to make money online. In your content you will target a specific keyword that you want to rank for in the search engine.

Write Quality Content

Your fourth step is to write quality content. You have to put your keyword close to the beginning, a few times throughout the text, and close to the end of your text. This will help you to get higher in the search engine and to get traffic to your website. Try to write natural, just as you speak to a person, not for the search engines as it might look unnatural to your readers.

Put Images On Your Pages

As visitors are not only interested in reading text, you should also put images on your webpages. These images must represent your content as it will give you much more achievement with people who will actually going to read your content.

The more people will read, the lower your bounce rate will be. This is the time people spend on your website; the higher the bounce rate, the shorter visitors stay on your website. With a high bounce rate, you will also end up lower in the search engine rankings.

Keep iI Readable With Paragraphs

You must break your webpages into smaller paragraphs, to make it better readable, as you can see on this page. As mentioned before, write like you speak so that is sound natural. Make sure your article is interesting to read to prevent a high bounce rate and to get higher rankings. This will get you more traffic to your website. Now you can understand that it is important to have readable and interesting content.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Your next step is to find 5 long tail keywords (=multiple keywords) with less then 100 searches, as these are low competition keywords. As the competition is lower, it is easier to get high rankings for these keywords and thus more traffic to your website. You can (and should) create a free account and use and look for the column with QSR (Quoted Search Results) to find keywords with less then 100 QSR.

These QSR results are the exact number of competing pages on the internet. The keywords must sound natural, so ”free traffic your website” is not good, but ”free traffic to your website” is good. Create a post where you use one of your keywords in the title, another one close to the beginning, and one at the end of your post. Always write natural just like you are speaking to a person, don’t write for the search engine.

Setup A Google+ Profile
Now you must setup your Google+ profile and Google Authorship on your website. By doing this, your website will be indexed faster, get a higher click through rate, and you can expect higher rankings (=more traffic to your website). A Google+ account is free and you should definitely create one. Every time you create a new post or page, you should also post it on Google+.

With Google Authorship you’ll connect your website with your Google+ account and vice versa. This way you’ll add yourself to Google+ as a contributor to content on your website. You can use a Rich Snippet Tool to check if you have it setup correctly. Now you know a lot more and have everything in place to get more traffic to your website.

If you want to learn everything about becoming an internet entrepreneur, you should become a member with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to get started and you’ll learn everything to build your own successful home based internet business from scratch. Click the picture below to become a free member.

get traffic to your website with these tips

build a traffic producing website

Niche Marketing Strategy

niche marketing strategy

niche marketing strategies

Niche Marketing Strategy

Niche marketing is one of the most profitable ways to start marketing on the internet. With a niche marketing strategy you can become successful within your niche. It is all about marketing a product to a specific relevant group of people. In this article you will learn how to find a profitable niche, especially a niche for affiliate marketing.

Three of the highest converting niches are:

  1. Self Help and Personal Development
  2. Wealth and Abundance
  3. Health and Fitness

Where to Find a Niche

There are several places where you can look for a niche. Here is a list with some of these places:

Finding a niche is not hard at all, although the best thing to do is pick a niche you are interested in. You first have to find out if there is a niche audience, to whom you can sell the product. When a product is good, there will be a lot of information on the website. In that info, you can find several keywords related to the product that you can promote.

You have to put these keywords in the Google keyword planner to see if people actually searching for these keywords. You might end up with a lot of so called ”buyer keywords”. A “buyer keyword” is when people are wanting to buy something, like “Where to buy an outdoor garden set”. These are also called long tail keywords and are untapped keywords that hardly have any competition.

Now it’s just a matter of creating content based on these keywords. When you create content using these keywords, especially the long tail keywords, it is easy to get top rankings. Make sure your website is interesting and engaging with content that will answer questions and tell people how useful the product is and what benefits it will give them.

Niche Research is Important

It is important to do thorough research to make niche marketing successful. You have to start with niche research, then market research, and finally keyword research. Take your time to do it, otherwise your marketing effort might fail and you probably won’t make much money, that is if you make any money at all!

When you run a website promoting a niche product, you should only promote one product per page unless other products are very relevant. This can put some extra money in your pocket. Make sure these related product are closely related. For instance, if you promote a lawn product, you can also put a lawn mower on your website, but it’s better not to put anything about moles on it.

Choose a Niche That Interest You

Whatever niche you choose, it should be something that personally interest you. You don’t have to be an expert on your chosen niche as long as you are knowledgeable enough to write good information about your niche for your visitors. When you don’t know much about the subject, you can do a lot of research or outsource the job.

Don’t forget that you might be busy with your niche nearly every day. When you are interested in your niche, it will be easier to write content about it, and it will not feel as a job anymore. If you don’t really like your niche, you will be bored soon and it will be hard to make that niche profitable.

Highest Profit with Downloadable Products

The best products to sell are digital products as these have proven to have the highest profit, this can range from 50% to 75%. Also, buyers can download the product after purchasing it, for immediate access to the product. You can find 1000’s of downloadable products on is the leader in downloadable digital products. They are around for a long time and are the leading company in downloadable products. To work with Clickbank you first need to setup an account there. You can go to the signup page by clicking here. There are also several other companies that sell affiliate products, but Clickbank is very reliable and has the most affiliate products.

After signing up, you go to the market place (top right) where all the affiliate products can be found. You will see a list of categories on the left side where you have to pick one that interest you. When you click on one of these categories, you will see a list of sub-categories. These sub-categories are al niches, but it is not targeted enough yet. Choose one that you want to use as your niche.

Finding a Profitable Niche

On the next page you see a list with filters on the left side. You are going to use these filters to find a profitable niche. In the top you’ll see ”Gravity”; this will tell you how many affiliates making a sale with a certain product.

Set the left side (minimum gravity) on 6 and the right side (maximum gravity) on 25. The minimum is to make sure other marketers are making a sale with that product; the maximum is to make sure there isn’t too much competition. You can see the results next to it. All these results are potential niches you can promote. Look for at least 5 products that you can promote. Later you will choose one niche product to work with.

Above the description is a link, click on it to see the actual sales page. Now have a look at the page to see if it has a good layout and looks professional. This count for the text, but also for attractive graphics, testimonials, money back guarantee, helpful links, and more. After you are satisfied with the sales page, it is time to find out if the product is wanted.

Keyword Research for Your Niche

You need to know if there is money to be made with the product. To find out, you have to do keyword research. You can use a free keyword tool: or Google’s keyword tool. (Google also has a ‘site related keywords function’; you have to put in the URL of a site and you will get a list of keywords relating to the subject of the site). Just use some regular keywords, for instance, if your niche would be gambling, you would be searching for ”gambling”, ”lottery”, or ”betting”.

The results must have a minimum of 1000 monthly searches, the more, the better. When you can find at least 10 of these keywords or keyword phrases, than you’ve found yourself a profitable niche.

Find a Timeless Niche

Now there is one more thing; your niche must be a timeless niche. When you have a niche with Christmas decoration, you won’t sell much during the summer months. You can use Google trends to find out how your niche will be doing during a specific time, for instance a year.

Put your main keyword in the window in the top, and the date range must be set at the last 12 months. You will get a nice graphic where you can see exactly how the search trend was in the past 12 months. This will also tell you if there are buyers for your niche.

The last thing you have to do is pick one niche to start working with. You can save other niches you’ve found for a later date. Don’t try to do everything at once, because that is not going to work. I hope you enjoyed reading this info and picked up some good ideas about a niche marketing strategy.

niche keyword research

niche marketing tips

Become Successful With Affiliate Marketing Training

Know how to do affiliate marketing

Learn To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing training is necessary to get started in online marketing. In fact, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started in marketing. As an affiliate, or reseller, you promote other people’s product. You can do this with article marketing, email marketing, video marketing, with your own website, a blog, and more.

When a sale is made, the buyer is taken to the payment page through a special link. This link contains your affiliate ID, so that you get credit for taken the buyer to the sellers page. This way the seller, or vendor, does not have to do any advertising himself. It will cost him a percentage of the money, but he doesn’t have to worry about getting his product sold.

The reseller (you) doesn’t have to worry about the product or updates, don’t have to keep inventory, and doesn’t have to deal with customers directly. This can be very useful when there is a problem, for instance a money back issue. The only thing you have to do, is to get the product in front of potential buyers. This is where you have to do all the work to make the sale.

Promote Tangible Products with Amazon

If you want to sell tangible products, you should try the Amazon Associates Program. Amazon is not only one of the most well known online shops, they are also the biggest online retailer in the world with the biggest assortment. There are enough products you can promote as an affiliate with Amazon.

You have to realize that you only get a small percentage like 2-5% as an reseller with Amazon. To make enough money, you have 2 options: promote and sell lower priced products in high volumes, or sell higher priced products. To find out what sells good, you should check the best selling products and make your choice what you want to promote.

The good part of Amazon is that people always can find something they can use or want to have. All kinds of products are being sold on Amazon and you can get a nice share of that money. There are even resellers who only use Amazon for their income. Some top resellers even make more then 10.000 dollar each month.

Promote Downloadable Products

Another thing you can do as an affiliate, is selling downloadable products. As the products can be downloaded, there will not be anything to ship or send by mail. The buyer will also have immediate access to the product. The percentage you can get here is much higher then with tangible products, and can easily be 50%-75%.

There are many companies with an affiliate program where you can promote downloadable products. One of the biggest is with over 10.000 products to choose from. Just make sure the product is of good quality as Clickbank also sells lower quality products.

Other affiliate companies are,,,,, and You can find a lot more companies if you do a search in Google for affiliate programs or reseller programs. Just be sure to read the rules before signing up as some have rules that might be very hard to comply with.

Choose Quality Products to Promote

It is important to choose a quality product to promote, otherwise you won’t make many sales, or you can expect to get a lot of refunds. You have to do a bit of research to find out if a product is good or not. Sometimes there are testimonials on the website, but these can be faked. Use the search engine to find out more about a certain product before you start promoting it.

With proper affiliate marketing training anyone can make incredible profits without much work, and even in as short as 2 weeks. There is no need to create your own product, build a website, or write a single ad copy. You can start from scratch and make money online, without spending any money.

You can even start part time to generate some extra income, and become a full time affiliate marketer working from home later on when you make more money. Affiliate marketing is ideal for beginner marketers to learn the basics of marketing. It will let you use other people’s time, effort and resources for your own profit.

What You Need to Know Before Signing Up

Affiliate marketing is powerful, and there is a lot of money to be made with it, but there are a few important factors you need to consider, before signing up with any affiliate program.

An affiliate program must be absolutely free of charge. If you have to pay to become a member, move on to the next one. Look for a program you are interested in. It will make it a lot easier to write content about it and it won’t feel like work.

Look at the amount of commission you will get paid. Don’t settle for anything less than 50%. You can even get 75% and sometimes more. Many affiliate programs have a minimum earned commission amount that you as an affiliate must meet or exceed before you’ll get paid. Most companies will pay every 2 weeks.

Affiliate Mistakes to Prevent

A big mistake many affiliates make, is promoting a product that does not deliver on its promises. Another big mistake is trying to promote several products at once, instead of promoting just one product. First make sure a product is selling well, before you start to promote another product.

It is a good advise to test the product first before recommending it to others. Not only can you increase your credibility and sales, it also helps to promote the product better because you can provide personal testimonials about the product.

A good way to find out if the product is easy to sell, is to ask yourself if you would buy the product. You have to put yourself in the position of a buyer and ask yourself if the products is good enough to buy it. You can also check for keywords to see if there is a market for the product.

Increase Sales With Tools, Reviews, and Testimonials

Many affiliate programs will provide the tools to sell the product. The more tools provided, the bigger the chance of you making a sale. If there are articles provided, you have to change it well to prevent duplicate content issues.

For every affiliate product you want to promote, you must use a unique web page. Always include a product review so visitors will have a better understanding of what good the product will do if they buy it. If you have a comment form at the end of your webpage, people can leave a comment and this can help to generate more sales.

Use testimonials from people who bought and tried the product. This will increase your chances of selling the product. A test have proven that a testimonial can increase your sales with 250%. Be sure to use real testimonials or you will blow your credibility and loose potential customers. You should also ASK for a testimonial; more testimonials can definitely lead to more sales!

Become a High Earning Power Affiliate

If you want to become a power affiliate and collect huge checks from affiliate programs on a regular basis, you must have good affiliate marketing training and develop your marketing skills required for your affiliate success. You have to put in a lot of work to make affiliate marketing profitable before you can quit your day job and work from home full time.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can get affiliate marketing training to learn more about affiliate marketing and niche marketing to become a successful affiliate marketer. They will teach you step by step how to make affiliate marketing profitable. Click below to find out more.

Affiliate marketing training

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Get a Top Search Engine Ranking With Backlinks

Backlink strategies for top search engine rankings

Use Backlinks for higher rankings

Getting A Top Search Engine Ranking

If you want to get a top search engine ranking, you have to use links. Using links is crucial for your online marketing success. A backlink is a link to your website coming from another website, for instance from a blog or an article directory. These links are also called incoming links, inbound links, inlinks or inward links.

These links are important for search engine marketing because Google uses them as an indicator of the importance and authority of a website. Common incoming links are good, but if these links come from authority websites, it will be so much better. One way links are a good way to get traffic to a website. More on authority websites later in this article.

Use Outbound Links to Add Value to Your Website

Outbound links or outgoing links are links coming from your website and linking to other relevant and high ranking sites. These sites must add value to the information on your website. You just have to watch out here not to send potential customers away from your own website. Then again, these links are necessary to show people, and the search engines, you want to give the information they are looking for. This is important for your SEO marketing.

Internal links are links on your own website or blog, linking to other pages on your website. These links must go to pages with relevant information. If you put these links also in your sidebar or footer, you can easily get 100’s of internal links on your website, depending on how many pages you have. Don’t use the same anchor text all the time as this will be seen as spamming the search engine!

Write Quality Content to get Backlinks

Just make sure if you write content, it is quality content that is helpful to get good backlinks to your website. If these links would come from low quality websites, unrelated sites, or even link farms or link schemes, the search engines will penalize your site and lower your rankings in the search engine. You can even have your website removed from the search engine results pages.

Building backlinks is an important link building strategy to get a top search engine ranking. You must have high quality links from pages with Page Rank 4 or higher, but also original and informative content. It is essential for search engine marketing to have unique and informative content. The search engines can detect non original content and will penalize pages with copied or duplicate content.

After the Google Panda an Penguin updates, thousands of websites with high rankings got penalized, because they used unnatural link building strategies. The Google Panda update concentrated on onsite optimization, while Google Penguin concentrated on offsite optimization.

More Google Updates

As Google want to see more original and informative content, you can be sure that more updates will follow in the future. If you have an authority website, you shouldn’t have to worry about these updates, because an authority website with accurate and useful information will be able to withstand these updates.

A good way to make money online, is to write articles. These articles can be submitted to article directories, preferably with a high page rank (4+). Use the author resource box at the end of your article, to put in a link to your own website. If you can, make the anchor text link keyword rich. Readers who are interested and want to know more, can click the link to visit your website.

It is even better to use these articles on your own website to create a so called authority website. Writing valuable articles on a regular basis, is the best and fastest way to get backlinks to your site. This will give you higher rankings in the search engine.

If you can publish content like articles on a regular basis, incoming links will naturally occur. In ranking algorithms, incoming links are very important, especially if they come from related websites, to get a top search engine ranking.

More Links=More Traffic=More Sales

The more high quality backlinks you have to your website, the more traffic you can expect, and traffic, or visitors, are potential clients. In other words, more traffic will contribute to more sales!

An authority website will give you all the information related to a specific subject. It is not always in the top of the search engine, or even on the first page. Authority sites have credible information on it and mostly also links to other helpful websites to deliver what a web surfer is looking for.

Websites are ranked according to the content, domain age, links, anchor text, title description, alt tags, keyword density, related keywords, content length, site structure, and a lot more. If you want to get a top search engine ranking, all these things must be done according to the search engine rules, such as the Google rules. The problem is that they can change every day and hardly anybody know how it is calculated.

Guest Blogging for Back Links

You can also leave comments on blogs, so called guest blogging, with a link back to your website (in the author box). This is an easy and effective way to get some back links to your own website fast. With guest blogging you can build authority and credibility if you can provide the readers with helpful content.

Guest blogging is a very effective link building strategy to get free backlinks to your website. Just don’t spam blogs with useless content to get a backlink, because it will lower your credibility. Also, use relevant blogs to submit a comment to, to interact with people who are looking for the same subject. If people like your comment, they are more likely to click the link to your website.

Use Social Media

Also put social media sharing buttons on your website to make it easier for your audience to share your content with others. If you have your own blog, put RSS on it connected with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Every time when you write a new blog, it will be shared automatically with the followers on your social networks.

Another not so well known technique to get links, is to find broken links on other relevant websites, especially authority websites, and inform the website owner. In your message you also offer your link as a replacement. Many website owners will be thankful if you let them know about a broken link, with a big chance they will accept your link to replace the broken link.

If you create a free blog, you can put your own articles there with a link back to your website. Just be careful as some blogging sites will not let you advertise for subjects like making money online or anything about internet marketing. If you try, there is a big chance you will have your account deleted and all your information and work would have been for nothing!

Answer Questions on Yahoo

You can also answer questions on Yahoo answers. Find questions related to your niche and in your answer use a keyword with anchor text or you can use your website address to get backlinks.

When you become an Amazon reviewer, you can write product reviews for products sold on Amazon, and leave a link at the end of your review to your website. Just make sure it is an honest review or Amazon will stop you from writing reviews. And write useful reviews that will help people, not just to get backlinks!

Get Listed In High PR Directories

Find directories with a high PageRank and DoFollow links to submit your site there to get high PR backlinks to your own site. It will make your website trustworthy and help you to get higher rankings. Here are some high PR websites:

Websites with PR7

Websites with PR6

Websites with PR5

Websites with PR4

Backlinks are important for your SEO results

Pay Per Click Advertising Secrets

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google pay per click advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is a very effective way to get more sales. You have to find the right keywords for people to click on, to get them to your site or product you promote. This way you can get a high return on investment (ROI). However, if not done properly, it will cost you money! And it can be a lot of money wasted.

With pay per click, your ads will show up on the right side of the Google results page, next to the main search results. You can expect to see results within 15 minutes from setting up your campaign. You only have to pay if someone clicks on it. This is a very good way if you want to promote your website to get targeted traffic to it and to generate sales.

Pay Per Click Providers

The three biggest providers of pay-per-click advertising are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter. As Google is the biggest search engine, all the info on this pages is based on Google’s AdWords.

With Google AdWords you can create short custom text Ads. You have to set a daily budget on how much money you are willing to spend to promote these Ads. When the amount is reached, the ads will stop showing up. These ads can be used for attracting targeted traffic and for generating sales.

Read the T.O.S.

It is important to read the terms of service (T.O.S.) or you might risk doing something against their policies, what will have your account suspended. Once suspended, it will be very hard to get your account back online.

One of the things you should NEVER do, is clicking on your own ads. This is against Google’s policy and will have your account suspended! Don’t use robots or automated programs to generate clicks as Google will find out one day and you will NOT get paid.

Use a keyword tool to analyze keywords to find the right keywords with a high impression and high click through rates for your pay per click advertising campaign.

Use Google’s Free Keyword Tool

The best Keyword Research tool, and also for free, is the Google Keyword Tool. You will get up-to-date info on monthly searches and related keyword competition.

Google Keyword Tool is a very good tool to find the right keywords for your website. In fact, you can even find related keywords that you didn’t think of, but also profitable long tail keywords.

When you look at the results, don’t forget to look at the ”Additional keywords to consider” list, as you might find some very good related keywords there. Sometimes you can find some very profitable keywords there as well.

Use Exact Search Keywords

When you choose keywords, consider using exact search keywords; try to use the exact same words people are typing in into the search engine. If a link contains the exact same words as what people typed in into the search engine, they are more likely to click that link.

You need to have keywords with a lot of requests but only limited search results. These are the keywords that are in high demand and low supply which is perfect for pay per click advertising. These keywords have a bigger chance to lead to a conversion.

You can, and should, use the filter option to block certain URL’s from showing up. This way you can stop low value offers from being shown up on your pages.

Use Negative Keywords

You should also include negative keywords, for instance the word “free”. Many people on the internet are looking for free products, the so called freebee seekers, and are not willing to buy. You don’t want these people to click on your advertisements because they are not going to buy and they will only cost you money. Other words you should make negative, are “blog”, “tips”, “info” and “tricks”.

In each ad you make, you are limited to the amount of text you can write down. For the title you have 25 characters available and for the text 2 lines with a maximum of 35 characters per line. You have to use them well with a catchy text.

Use Power Words in Your Text

Use only text ads, no images, as images will decrease your click through rate. Be sure to use words such as “click”, “now” and “try” in your ad because you have to tell people what to do. Other words you can use, are “new”, “fast”, “tips”, “free”, “exclusive”, “guarantee”, “reliable” and “easy”.

The headline is the most important part of your ad, so spend time to create an eye catching headline. The display URL is the second most important reason for a visitor to click on your link. Make sure you’ve put your most important keyword in the URL.

You should have at least 2 ad variations running to see which one is better performing. The first time they should be very different. Later you are only going to make small changes. The one that is not doing so well, must be optimized to get the highest return on investment.

Keep Making Little Changes

You should only change 1 thing each time, otherwise you don’t know which part of your ad has made the difference. Even a little change can have a big impact on your click through rate. You keep doing this to get the most out of your Adwords Campaign. A successful marketer keep testing and improving and so should you.

Don’t let Google choose your best ad, because they will do this much too soon. The Campaign Management Panel is by default set to choose your best performing ad to have it displayed more often. This is something you must do yourself, after you have enough info which one performs better.

Never Stop Testing

This split testing is extremely powerful and can be the difference between waisting a lot of money and making a lot of money. Testing is the key to success. Always keep testing and never stop testing!

You want to reach the right people who are interested in what you have to offer, and who are willing to take action. This will result in higher click through rates and higher return on investment, in other words more money in your pocket.

Don’t underestimate your competition when you are competing with several others for the same keywords. Use the Google tool to check the Advertiser Competition to find keywords with not too much competition. If you want to succeed with Google Pay Per Click, you have to be better than the competition.

Adwords marketing secrets

Adwords pay per click marketing

Email Marketing Tips

email marketing secrets

email marketing tips

Email Marketing for a Successful Online Business

Email marketing is very powerful. You can have a very successful online business if you use email marketing. In fact, you can have more returning customers than with most of the other marketing methods.

If you get people to subscribe for your newsletter, you have the opportunity to sell more than one product to the same person. That is why they say: The money is in the list. The more subscribers you have on your list, the more money you can make from sending out just ONE email.

Your opt-in box must be on a squeeze page or on a landing page. Put this opt-in box on the side or below the content (or better on both places) where visitors can easily see it. Tell them about the benefits when they subscribe, give them some useful information for free, like a pdf report or a short course, so they have a reason to subscribe and will give their email address in return.

Using a Popup

If you want to use a pop-up, use it when people want to close the page and had a chance to read your webpage. A pop-up at the beginning is not very effective. Visitors want to know a bit more (read your content) before they sign up for anything. Don’t have a pop-up showing up more than once, as this is really annoying.

Use double opt-in where the subscriber will receive a second email to confirm his/her subscription. This way you cannot be convinced of spamming as you have proof they subscribed for your newsletter. Sometimes people forget they subscribed as they receive a lot of emails and might report you for spamming.

The first email must go out immediately after subscribing; a thank you message to tell them they did the right thing to subscribe and they will receive useful information. Tell them also that their email address is safe, and will not be sold or given away.

Make Your Subscribers Trust You

To build trust with your subscribers, make sure you send them valuable information. Don’t try to sell in every email or you will annoy your subscribers. Send these emails on a regular basis to stay in touch, and put in specials, like a discount or a promotion, more useful info, product launches, and articles. If you give a related report for free once in a while, they will stay subscribed looking for more.

Another way to build trust is to put your contact information at the end every email you send out. If subscribers know how to contact you, they will trust you more, are more likely to buy from you, and they can contact you if they have a question.

Put another link in the email to your web address. This way you can get more traffic to your website. Don’t forget to put an unsubscribe link at the end of your emails to comply with the anti spam rules.

Most people need to see an email about 7 times before they take action. Make sure you have enough emails ready to send it to your potential customers. Make your emails personal by calling your subscribers by their first name. Mention their name also in the email once, as this will be appreciated.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing can be automated, you just need to have your emails written and stored in your autoresponder. Every subscriber start with message #1 and will receive the next message soon after in the order you’ve put them in the autoresponder. Don’t fill up the subscriber’s mailbox with sales letters, or they will unsubscribe faster then they subscribed.

Don’t use words like ”free” or ”million” in your email or it will end up in their spam filter. That’s why you have to tell them to put your email address to their whitelist. Use only 60-65 characters per line to keep your email readable.

Use a Call to Action

You have to tell people what to do; if there is a link to click on, tell them to click that link! From time to time you can send an email where you try to sell a product. To interest them and have them buy the product, tell them about the benefits and why they need that product. This way you can make several sales from one subscriber.

If somebody have bought a product from your website, they probably want to stay in touch and you should send them emails for updates of the product and related information. This is a good way to build a relation with a customer who might buy from you again.

Get Your Subscribers Excited

When you have a product launch, you can tell your subscribers about it and get them interested before it happens. From building this excitement, they are more willing to buy and they might visit your website more often, where they could find another product to buy.

Don’t promote more than one product in an email, if you want to get a high response rate. Get them to act fast by using statements like ”This offer is only valid for the next three days” or ”Only for the first 100 buyers”. When it is a time limited offer, they are willing to act faster.

When you want to make good money as an affiliate, email marketing is a must have. With an auto responder it is a set it and forget it system, ready to make you money. Click below to become a free member and know more about email marketing.

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The Importance Of Goal Setting

Learn how to set goals

The importance of setting goals

The Importance Of Goal Setting

Goal setting is important to get what you want. New year is the time that many people set goals. The problem is that it is totally the wrong time to do it. Many new years resolutions are doomed to fail as 75% of these goals never become reality. Goal setting can happen on any day of the year, not just because it’s the start of a new year.

You Can Achieve Any Goal!

You can become a success in each and every aspect of life and in every business you want to start. In fact, if you set your mind to it, you can achieve any goal. For instance, you can become successful with affiliate marketing and make a lot of money.

Most people underestimated the power of goal setting. If you set goals but don’t want to spend much time working to reach your goal, you can expect disappointment. If you know exactly what you want, and work towards that goal, you can expect success. You can even attract you dream partner and eliminate almost any disease you can think of.

The problem is that 97% of the population don’t know how to set these goals. Therefore, they do not reach their goal, or at least not easily or quickly. That is why most of them fail, or stop before their goal is reached.

Goal Setting Must be Learned

Goal Setting can be seen as a science and must be learned. Then again, it is not a complicated science, in fact it is even incredibly simple. You need to know what to do if you want to achieve your goal. To use this system with maximum results, you first must know how it works.

If you have a dream, you want to achieve it. To achieve your dream, you must know how to achieve it. It’s about the power of the smallest of goals; even if you achieve only 1% of your goal, you become closer to achieving your final goal. Every little step, no matter how small it is, will take you closer to achieving your goal.

Know Exactly What You Want

Setting goals is all about creating resolutions to achieve your final result. If you’re not sure what you want to achieve, it will be very hard to get any success. You must be specific about your goal if you want to achieve it. With goal setting you can attract money, create wealth and success.

You first have to set short term goals to accomplish long term goals. In other words, you have to brake up your goals in smaller pieces. As these short terms goals are smaller, it is easier to achieve them. Once you get the habit of it, it will be easier to accomplish the long term goals.

Follow Goal Setting Techniques

You must follow these proven goal setting techniques to have success.

  • You must be specific in what you want, the more specific, the better. You have to know exactly what it is you want for the best results.
  • Your goals must be measurable, this way it will be easier to follow how you’re doing.
  • Keep your goals attainable. If it is too big, break it up in smaller pieces.
  • Be realistic with your goals, don’t set goals that are beyond your reach.
  • Reach your goals in a certain time. Things like ”this year” just don’t work. Be specific and your unconscious mind will help you to achieve your goal within that specific time.
  • Write down your goals because once it is put on paper, it will come to live. If you only keep it in your mind, it might take a few more months before you will start, that is if you ever get started.
  • If necessary, modify your goals if your situation is changing.
  • Keep yourself motivated by constantly looking at the goals you set to keep going forward.

These are several of the tips and tricks that can speed up the complete process of turning your dreams into reality and will help you to become a more successful, motivated, and organized person. Everything you want in life, such as money, career, health, success, relationships, can be yours.

Put it to Work

Now that you know more about setting goals, it is time to put it to work and you are on your way to a successful life and financial freedom. Click below to learn more about goal setting to turn your dreams into reality.

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